Zamil Plastic Industries Ltd
Maintenance Technician
Job Description: 

Job Purpose:
Perform various tasks that related to electrical power supply and illuminations in plant and premise in terms of design, construction, installation, testing, maintenance, and repair.


Major Project:

  • Makes periodic inspections of plant, sub-station equipment and facilities to locate and make needed repair and perform routine maintenance.
  • Perform decommissioning and re-commissioning of plant machines and equipment.
  • Plan and schedules and coordinating maintenance activities with other department and sections.
  • Ensure that all the scheduled preventive maintenance has been done on time.
  • Installs, services, and maintains of all types of controls of plant equipment, including underground & overhead cables, wires and other stationary machines and apparatus.
  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing electromechanical, electrical, equipment, including switch gears, transformers, RMU’s, and distribution Panels.
  • Testing of wirings and cablings in buildings and equipment panels, make additions to existing wirings; install and repair illuminations in industrial and general.
  • Maintain records concerning to all functions of assigned work and inventory of material associated with assigned work, updates drawings, schematics, and wiring diagrams.
  • Perform overhauling of equipment by him / teams / outsourcing
  • Restart the plant and equipment after an electrical power failure.
  • Work in a safe manner, follow plant safety practices and procedures, understand and comply with plant and departmental rules and regulations.
  • Identify, correct, and report safety hazards.
Job Detail: 

Sector: Maintenance Management 
Functional Area: Maintenance
Nationality: Saudi
Years of Experience: 5 years 
Experience Level: Mid - Level
Education requirement: Diploma or higher
Certificates Required: Degree in the following Engineering disciplines (Electrical).
Languages: English – Arabic
Joining Date: Immediately