Zamil Plastic Industries Ltd
Quality Inspector
Job Description: 

Job Purpose:

The job holder is responsible to undertake the testing and inspection of materials, finished goods, semi-finished or in processing goods, safety issues and other issues adhered to the quality procedures.


Major Project:

  • Assist in preparing, performing, and tracking internal and external audits related to quality manual, quality system, ISO…etc., if any.
  • Assist in providing the quality awareness, quality policy, forms…etc. to all employees and related parties periodically and when needed.
  • Assist in updating the quality policies and procedures by making suggestions of possible improvements and documenting any necessary changes. 
  • Monitor holding areas for rejected items, or under further inspection to prevent sending it to the customer or being used into another operation and provide with recommendation to resolve the hold materials.
  • Follow up, report back about any corrective, correction or preventive actions adopted by quality assurance or higher managerial levels and provide back about status for each.
  • Provide feedback required to fulfil any customer complaint, by tracking records; materials, shift, technician, batch…etc. and other statistics to gain the root cause.
  • Perform sample testing for finished jobs or products by selecting, at random, a sample of finished product and carry out related technical inspection and or any further features existed; packaging, ordering, shape…etc.
  • Filling, holding, and tracking all quality control documents in a proper manner to ensure getting the needed data on time, furthermore, this also adhere to Record Control and Document Control stated as essential functions in quality systems.
  • Perform inspections due to timing, operation or event with adhering to the related processes and procedures, if any, and record inspection statistics.
  • In performing inspection, ensure to cover all technical aspects introduced within the specifications desired and approved.
  • Monitor all safety recommendations; add caution signs, report about behavioral or workplace hazards, circulate safety notes and posters…etc.
  • Have working knowledge on ISO 9001 & ISO 22000/ FSSC22000 standards
Job Detail: 

Sector: QA/QC Department
Functional Area: QC
Nationality: Saudi
Years of Experience: 2 years 
Experience Level: Beginner
Education requirement: Diploma or higher
Certificates Required: Engineering disciplines (Chemical, Quality, Manufacturing, Production, Lap).
Languages: English – Arabic
Joining Date: Immediately