Zamil Plastic Industries Ltd
Research & Development

At Zamil Plastic we understand product development and the critical role for Research & Development plays in helping our customers get a component your product that is highly manufacturable. Zamil Plastic’s dedicated R&D division provides controlled access with guaranteed confidentiality in collaborating with our customers on new products that require manufacturing & production.


Quality Control:

  • Provides a working template for a high-cavitation production process
  • Allows for onsite testing, engineering changes, and product evaluation prior to production at production plants
  • Provides speed to customer response with greater market share and profitability.

Technical Expertise:

  • Material Flow Analysis
  • “Proof of Principle”  to ensure your products meet optimum manufacturability and functionality


Zamil Plastic’s R&D engineering staff can help make new products market-ready in a timely, cost-effective manner.