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Zamil Plastic - Food
Product Lines

As a leading manufacturer Zamil Plastic - Food offers for the customers a multiplicity of solutions for plastic containers, plastic packaging, plastic buckets and plastic tubs. Our plastic packaging combines modern design and attractive graphic decoration - IML- in Mould Labelling.


We enable you to reflect your products in a healthy, delicious and stylish way from production to the shelf with its wide range of package designing for ice cream to dairy products, candy to chocolate, halawa, jam and honey, dried food to frozen food and other special products.





Square Packs


Like any unique pack in the market we at Zamil Plastic - Food provide a simple approach while using the most sophisticated machines on the market to provide IML packs for every consumer requirements that has a labeling placed with in the manufacturing process.


Rectangular Packs


Our rectangular packs product line provides the exact dimensional end product that you require to provide in the market while using the IML process during manufacturing and allowing each pack to have a separate label to your liking.


Oval Packs


In oval plastic packs with IML label for sweet to frozen food offerings of your choice we provide the most elegant process and procedure during production and manufacturing found in the Middle East region.


Round Packs


In round plastic packs a simple but elegant process is applied with IML technology and allowing your design pack to shine while being placed on the shelves with other products, what differentiates your plastic pack with Zamil Plastic Food is that we are using the state of the art technology in machinery for production.

Exclusive Packs


These packs are costumed made for our special request of our customers and such are placed for reference only. (note subjected for any order request)